I love to find ways of making things easier to understand, to create a visual journey to guide users through the information without overwhelming.
This brief for Universal Music Group was just that, to create an infographic style instruction document to help listeners, who are predominately the artists themselves, to hear their own tracks in DOLBY ATMOS technology formats prior to general release.
Due to the amount of different devices that can now accommodate Dolby Atmos, there needed to be 16 different ways to explain the process!
I created an interactive pdf with an icon system that enabled a more visual way to find and digest the information relevant to each particular user's needs, allowing them to drop out of the parts they didn't require. The first page is an interactive contents page where the user clicks on their chosen route and the user can jump to the relevant section with information on how to listen to Dolby Atmos on their device. They can quickly and easily find the section that's relevant to them without having to wade through pages of info that isn't relevant.
So if you need help breaking down a large chuck of information into more digestible chunks I can help with that. Get in touch to see how!
The visuals below show static versions of just a few of these pages.
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