Why Side of the Hill?
It is understood that my surname 'Fecitt', which is an old Lancashire name,
means 'Colours on the side of the hill'. 
If you're up on a hill you can see all that is laid out below you and get a good picture of where you need to go and what you need to do.
I always try and get a wider picture of my clients, their place in the market and the objectives of their brief before I start any creative work. Not only does it ensure we get the brief right for the client but it helps to spot any opportunities where we might change direction slightly in order to be more impactful and make the ideas work harder.​​​​​​​
My background
My background is in marketing and print design, working in large B2C marketing agencies on clients such as The Guardian and various Masterfoods chocolate brands including Twix and Maltesers. There I learned about the importance of branding and how it isn't just about a logo, it's about an overall picture of the brand, including the kind of imagery you use, the tone of voice in all communications and how you utilise all those elements to make every piece of artwork feel like it comes from the same family.
My Mission
When I decided to go it alone in 2009 I wanted to take that 'big brand thinking' and use it to help local and regional businesses, offering them the same branding ethos that the big brands use. I offer a bespoke service to all clients, no matter their size, to help them look the best they can and communicate in the best way for them to reach their clients.
What about me?!
I love the outdoors, although only in the sunshine – I’m not a huge fan of the wind or rain! I’ve done a few extreme sports in my time, including parasailing, skydiving, abseiling down a gorge and trekking through a Thai jungle.
I have always enjoyed keeping fit, I’ve been a member of several gyms in the past but I absolutely love a Body Combat class! As a fairly non-confrontational person, in a combat class I can punch and kick as hard as I can, relieving stress and feeling strong and powerful!
I have 3 children, an 18 year old and 10 year old twins. They are all wonderfully entertaining but going from having one child to three was certainly a challenge like no other! Mentally and physically challenging, it has certainly made me stronger as a person. I’m more able to prioritise, work out what’s important and what can be left. Standards have been lowered in terms of housework but hey, I’m not a magician and I’m much better at knowing my limits and when I’ve reached them. I’m also really good at tuning out background noise!  
I also love to keep alive the raw creative spirit that got me into this profession by drawing beautiful, detailed mandala or entangle designs. You can see more of these under the ‘Canvas Art’ heading. I also have an Etsy shop where you can order personalised cards and gifts.