I'm Jackie and I love being creative!
My day job is a Designer/Art Director for commercial clients large and small but I can't resist bringing creativity into the rest of my world. Over the last few years I have also been getting busy with a pen and paper or canvas, getting back to creating raw art. Inspired by some very talented Mandala and Zentangle artists I began creating  my own. Have a look under Canvas Art on the top menu.
Have a look around to find out more about me, my work and how I can help you.
A good logo should capture the values of a business and connect with the right target market. It should give the viewer an quick impression of what the company is about and should be simple and easily recognisable. It's worth spending a bit of time getting this right as it will be the stamp that will be the face of your business for some time.
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Each piece of design should follow your core brand style, get across a single-minded message as well as taking into account where you are communicating to ensure you are making your message work as hard as it can. That's quite a lot of things to consider! But I will guide you through that process to make sure I know what you want to achieve to deliver the most effective piece of communication.
My background is in design for print and I have worked for some big brands in the past, creating campaigns and promotions. These often use many types of media such as posters, leaflets, press ads, direct mail pieces, banners and billboards. I can tailor a single-minded message to communicate to people in lots of different ways depending on where they see that message, how long they have to read and digest it and ultimately what you want them to do next! 
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Web Design
Having built a few small sites in the past I have some back-end programming knowledge but technology is moving fast and I chose to stick with what I know best – designing. Now I can still enjoy designing websites but working with good developers that have the knowledge and skills really complements my design layouts and I can concentrate on being creative instead of doing the maths!
I am also exploring new ways to create sites so that, once built, you can update your site yourself.
So do get in touch with any questions you have.
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Canvas Art
Alongside my design work I love creating detailed Mandalas and Zentangle patterns. My preferred mediums are acrylic paint and metallic pens to create contemporary patterns and designs.
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Why Side of the Hill?
It is understood that my surname 'Fecitt', which is an old Lancashire name, means
'colours on the side of the hill'. 
I also like the analogy that being up on the side of a hill means you can see for miles. As a designer, it's my job to have a view on what's going on in the world of design and marketing and apply that to your business so you can get yourself noticed.