A pack for 'The Business Bakery' for their '100 Day Goal', designed for users to download and print at home to use as a tool to achieve a chosen goal.
As well as designing for the target market (women 25-60, lots of craft based home businesses, writers and bakers) consideration had to be given to the user's home printer, how much ink it would use and where they would punch holes in the margin to place in a planner.
Various worksheets were created for users to plan and chart their progress.
The Goal Tracker is a sheet for the user to mark off a section each day when they have done something towards their goal. This particular one is created to match the bunting design and will look really bright and inspiring when coloured in.
Various calendars were created to help users plan their 100 days, all bright and colourful without using too much ink when printed at home.
This received some lovely feedback from the client...
Thank you lovely Jackie, everything looks great. Hurrah! You're amazing! It's been so fun working with you. I'll miss your emails! I have more things in the pipeline so I'll absolutely be back!
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