A Motivation Kit for 'The Business Bakery', designed for users to download and print at home to use as a tool to achieve a chosen goal.
This was a large pack of several pdf's which included an intro section, worksheets and around 100 'Recipes' which are short exercises to do to get you motivated to achieve your goal!
A logo was needed and a style developed using line drawings
to give a light hearted feel.

As well as designing for the target market (women 25-60, lots of craft based home businesses, writers and bakers) consideration had to be given to the user's home printer, how much ink it would use and where they would punch holes in the margin to place in a planner.
The striped border design works perfectly for this, giving colour, without using too much ink, providing space for the hole punch and is also easy to read on a mobile device.​​​​​​​
The recipes were grouped into different sections and logos required for each one. I designed these so that each section is highlighted depending on what group it is.
The pack also includes lots of inspirational quotes and worksheets.
Some lovely feedback!

Squeal! You are AMAZING! I'll get back to you with feedback shortly but just wanted to say I love everything - you've nailed it! xx

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