Slipfree make non-slip shoes for the beach, pool and home and the brand is all about being colourful and having fun in a safe way, without worrying about children (and adults!) falling over.

This brief was to create a printed brochure promoting their products and offering a range for retailers to stock in their stores. I needed to find ways of tidily listing product numbers, sections and other small details, to prevent it becoming busy and confusing. Using the brand colours I was able to colour code sections and call-outs.

We also had to ensure we showed a variety of shoe and swimwear lifestyle shots where the product was used on different surfaces, demonstrating a variety of usages.

Over the years we have developed a brand style for all assets, so it was fairly easy to create this catalogue using the brand style we already had in place.

If you have a large report or brochure that you need to get underway, firstly don’t panic! We can break it down into manageable chunks and work through together. Sometimes the brief needs to change slightly but that’s ok, as long as you keep your main objective front of mind.

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