A brand refresh brief. This IT Support business was celebrating their 20 year anniversary and used a logo update to do a fresh round of promotion with merchandise and speaker presentations. ​​​​​​​I created their original logo in 2010 (see image below) when technology was very different to what is at the time of writing now, in 2024. We were still in the relatively early days of email on phones and mostly still working in offices. So the logo then was all about demonstrating Dynacom's expertise in office telecommunications, and onsite servers
Today, in our post pandemic world, Dynacom are more about cloud connectivity and keeping their client's employees connected while on the move or working from home.
Therefore this logo is based on an electronic circuit symbol which simply means connection. Demonstrating that Dynacom keeps their clients connected, whatever their business, whatever their system and workflow. 
We retained the same font for the wordmark as well as two of the colours from the previous logo to keep some consistency and familiarity, but by refreshing the iconography, we created an entirely new effect.
I created a central logo and added an anniversary banner for them to use for one year. Also creating an icon that could be used in social media or spaces where the whole logo would be less impactful. 
By offering guidance on how this logo is best used, they subsequently made some adjustments to their website to refresh and update their whole visual appearance, maximising their brand refresh.​​​​​​​
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