Jackie Fecitt : Graphic Designer
BRAND DIRECTION & visual storytelling
DESIGN services
Guiding your brand in the right direction
Working with you, I can help develop your brand and marketing strategy by visually linking all parts of your brand, enabling you to adapt, move forward and communicate with your customers and clients in the best and most impactful way.

By creating a visual journey in your marketing pieces, I can make information much easier to understand, guiding users without overwhelming, keeping them engaged until they find the relevant parts they're looking for. 
Logo / Brand identity
Digital / SOCIAL Media Assets
BOOKLETS / Brochures / Reports
Presentation Documents

Branding is a lot more than a good logo, it's a personality that runs through the core of your business. It should therefore encompass and demonstrate the values of your business and connect with the right target market.
A free template logo won't be personal to your company values and will often be used by someone else as well. It's worth spending some time and effort to get this right as it's the face of your business!
Branding is also about the design style you incorporate in all your presentations, marketing and communication. For example your logo can be a simple, one colour icon, but brought to life with great photography or use of colour it creates impact and demonstrates your brand personality.
If you feel your brand needs a refresh I can help with that too. You might not need a whole new logo, but just some tweaks in the way you use it can be just as effective.
Marketing should be an extension of your brand style and all pieces should aim to reflect your brand personality, as well as communicate in a way that doesn't shout lots of messages at once. By creating a visual journey, you can guide your customers to the information they need without overwhelming and putting them off.
Presentation documents don't have to be boring, these can be stylishly brought to life with visual prompts from your brand style. Large amounts of information can be visually and stylishly broken down, enabling users to digest the information at a comfortable rate. By using a set of design rules, these documents can look clean and tidy, consistent and easily navigable.
Working with developers who are experts in keeping up with the technology, I design assets and offer art direction for them to build your site.
Alongside my design work I create detailed Mandalas and Zentangle art. My preferred mediums are acrylic paint and metallic pens to create contemporary patterns and designs. I have a range of products available for sale.
Why Side of the Hill?
It is understood that my surname 'Fecitt', which is an old Lancashire name, means 'colours on the side of the hill'. 
Being up on the side of a hill means you can see for miles. As a designer, it's my job to have a view on what's going on in the world of design and marketing and apply that to your business so you can get noticed.