Slipfree Shoes are a new product to the UK and they initially asked me to design a hero image for their new catalogue website. Being a franchise, the logo and photography was already in place and I had to develop a style that communicated the many benefits and uses of these shoes, whilst being sympathetic to their existing work in other countries. It had to be flexible and adaptable depending on their marketing platform and target audience. 
Website design
Once they had launched in the UK they then asked me to create leaflets, posters, social media logos and cover pics.
Facebook page cover image
Poster design
A front cover opportunity for a trade publication.
Footwear Today Magazine Cover image
Quarter page ad for a trade publication.
Magazine advert, press advert, Footwear Today
A cute promotional Instagram post created for Mother's Day...
Instagram Post for Mothers Day
This received some lovely feedback from the client...
'We loved loved loved what you did - the pink background looks ace and the way you laid out the shoes was perfect. It’s uploaded and live and looking fab! 
Thanks so so much for fitting that in for us we really appreciate it.'
Lou and Jo 
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